Which Road Are You On?

My name is unimportant. Where I live, what I do, how this letter came to be, are all trivial matters. What is relevant and urgent right now, is you and the choice you alone need to make. My sole hope and desire is to open your eyes to the truth before it is too late. There is much you need to learn, though nothing as important as your purpose and the One who created you for this purpose. However, before you can see clearly enough to accept the truth, you must know something; there are only two paths to choose from. Both lie before you now. Both are rocky and steep. Both hold hidden dangers and pitfalls. Your past, your skills, and your knowledge will not help you traverse either. Those things may only hinder your progress. In order to choose correctly, you must understand a few things;


Each road leads to very different final destinations. The first, abundant eternal life. The second, agonizing death.


The wide road to death is very appealing. There is an enemy lurking on this road who wants you to choose his way. He promises fame, fortune, love, tranquility and with a little bit of luck or hard work, all your dreams will come true. In reality, satisfaction in these things will always remain out of reach. On the contrary, the narrow path to life promises the most satisfying thing of all; connection. The One shepherding this path sacrificed Himself so He could open this way for you. He will walk with you and remain with you always. He is the hope you have been seeking.


And most important, you don’t know this yet, but you are already on the road leading to death. You’ve been on this path since you were born. Take a moment to let that sink in. Deep down, you know this is true. The loneliness, the regret, the heartaches you’ve endured, you feel as though you have endured alone. There is no way you, or anyone else, can make the road to destruction any easier or change course. So, the only real choice now is whether you want off this road and take the other route.

I suggest you take the narrow path less traveled and show others the way out as well. Here are several articles to show you how, or feel free to contact us today for help.

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