About Hope to Share

Hope to Share is a growing network of people from all over the world who serve to love and lead people into wholeness through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. They promote biblical teaching, discipleship, and testimonies to inspire hope in the hearts of people everywhere. The A-Z of what we do can be found here.

About the founders

After 20 years of ministry in the United States, John and Justine Wolfley, along with their two youngest children, became missionaries to Chiang Mai, Thailand in August 2018. Their heart was to share the gospel, disciple, and encourage people who have never heard of Jesus to put their hope in Him.

John and Justine Wolfley

Co-Founder’s of Hope to Share can be reached via email at: [email protected] or [email protected] or through the contact us page

For several years the Wolfley’s helped plant a church in a local Thai village; the only church in that district. Many in the surrounding area have now heard of a loving Savior and chosen to be baptized into the Christian faith. The church became self-sufficient in 2022 with its own Thai pastor and leadership team.

The LORD then led the Wolfley’s to launch Hope to Share. John recognized the need to build a network of evangelical pastors and now helps equip local churches to effectively share the gospel in their own neighborhoods. John’s team of evangelists and interpreters bring the good news to the people of Thailand as well as Cambodia, India, Malaysia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Singapore, and Vietnam; and the LORD is continually opening doors to more nations. Those who respond to the gospel are connected to one of the networked churches for discipleship. 

John wrote the New Life Study – a tool to help those wishing to explore the Christian faith, to aid in the evangelism process, as well as establish people in the gospel which we believe is the power of God to effect transformation in the lives of everyone who believes.

John and Justine enjoy holding weekly Bible studies with a large group of third-culture high schoolers and also host a weekly house-church called Hope Fellowship with expats and local Thai.

One of John’s greatest passions is prison ministry. He began ministering to inmates back in 2007 and has kept in close contact with a dozen or so disciples. Remarkably, in 2022, John was granted access to several prisons throughout Southeast Asia where he now ministers to incarcerated people from the least reached people groups in the world. 

To fulfill her call in the Great Commission, Justine utilizes her writing, photography, web design, filmmaking and networking skills to broadcast the message of hope to the lost and dying of the world through various media. She enjoys creating evangelical tracts, booklets, social media content and video.

They truly believe, “In His name the nations will put their hope!” Matthew 12:21.

How to help support Hope to Share

Hope To Share operates under a 501(c)(3) and the work they do depends fully on contributions from generous donors who also want to share the hope of Jesus with the world.

If you would like to help support the Wolfley’s and Hope to Share, check out how to donate.

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