Mind, Body, Spirit

A Christian approach to mental, physical, and spiritual health.

Hope is the last thing lost and the first thing that must be regained in order to recognize your life has value, meaning and purpose. hope can be lost through a poor self-image, negative influences, bad habits, and a lack of faith, all of which result in what we like to call “stinkin thinkin.”

Here we will post tools that can help you develop new habits, regain hope and maintain spiritual health.

In just 30 days you can experience a renewed sense of hope just by completing a fun and easy daily challenge. 

Be Inspired! Our inspirational gallery is stocking up with free, encouraging images you can share with others on your favorite social media platform. Read and share to spark healthy conversations.

A great way to increase hope is to find your true purpose and calling. Pray. Seek God’s wisdom and, if led to serve the Lord through creative expression, then consider joining our team!