Lost and Found

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Jesus saved me from Demons, mental illness, sexual abuse, addictions and many other twisted experiences that brought me to the point of suicide. Get access to John’s full testimony by completing the form above.

Excerpt: “The night I decided to kill myself, God intervened to give me a brand-new life that’s worth living. This is the raw and candid story of how my life was saved by Jesus from suicide — how I was set free from tormenting demons (conjured up through years of witchcraft, demonic mediums, and satanic beliefs), recovered from sexual molestation, physical abuse and numerous addictions. I share how my messed-up life has become a masterpiece — a trophy of grace and message of hope for everyone on a quest for purpose, peace and joy.”

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*** Video Credits Directed & Edited by White Horse Productions Testimony Recorded at Oasis Church, Harrison, Arkansas

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